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Trust is the basis of my work

Our work together can be high-quality, but only if we trust each other.

Relationships between tax advisors and clients should be based on mutual trust and a complete understanding of the client’s situation. Professional advice can then be given in a most effective and relevant way.

The key is good communication. We must understand each other clearly! Responding to my clients’ wishes is very important to me. I develop an overview of your situation, then decide on my consulting approach.

Trust is the basis of my work

Our work together can be high-quality, but only if we trust each other.

Relationships between tax advisors and clients should be based on mutual trust and a complete understanding of the client’s situation. Professional advice can then be given in a most effective and relevant way.

The key is good communication. We must understand each other clearly! Responding to my clients’ wishes is very important to me. I develop an overview of your situation, then decide on my consulting approach.

People are my focus


Ich biete Ihnen die gesamte Bandbreite der steuerlichen und betriebswirtschaftlichen Beratung über Rechnungswesen und Lohnbuchführung bis hin zu Internationalem Steuerrecht. In meinem Mandantenkreis finden sich sowohl Privatpersonenen als auch Einzelunternehmen, sowie Personen- und Kapitalgesellschaften verschiedener Branchen.

Lernen Sie meine Leistungen hier näher kennen:

Annual financial statements

Annual financial statements represent the closing of a fiscal year, and include a calculation of profit and loss. The counterpart for freelance (self-employed) professionals and for small businesses is called “excess revenue statement“. It serves the same purpose.

The balance – the comparison of assets and liabilities on the balance sheet date – is a key component of financial statements. Deadlines are adjusted by type of company and can range from three to twelve months.

Annual financial statements are among the most important documents for you as a business, because they contain all the ‘bare’ facts of your company: balance sheet, profit, loss – all this and much more is shown on this statement.

our job is to provide me with the necessary documents. I transform the numbers from your accounting records (and other data) into a ’round’ package.

Financial analysis and consulting

My practice focuses on financial analysis and consulting.

Financial analysis

I will help you define your business objectives and support you in developing and controlling your business and financial plans. I’ll also help you develop your essential data regarding job-order costing (order calculation). Do you know what your fixed costs are, or how long liquidity can be maintained when a key client delays payment? I also organize the documents requested by your bank. I then advise you how you can receive a good “rating” (and the benefits of favorable interest rates).

Don’t accept errors. Get solid advice so you can avoid costly mistakes! Die Finanzbuchhaltung ist vor allem aber die Basis für Ihre betriebswirtschaftlichen Auswertungen. Die Finanzbuchhaltung ist vor allem aber die Basis für Ihre betriebswirtschaftlichen Auswertungen.


Mit der Lohnbuchführung werden Lohn- und Gehaltsabrechnungen für Ihre Mittarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter sowie die Lohnkonten und zugleich die erforderlichen Anmeldungen und Beitragsnachweise erstellt und Datenübermittlungen an die entsprechenden Stellen vorgenommen.

Income tax return

“Income tax liability begins with the completion of childbirth”

Anyone who is domiciled or habitually resident in Germany is subject to unlimited income tax on his or her total income and, with a few exceptions, is obliged to file an annual income tax return in Germany. The world income principle applies.

Unfortunately, the income tax return still does not fit on a coaster – although this has long been promised to us by politicians.

II will help you classify your income by income type, checking whether it’s taxable or tax-free, then classifying it according to the seven types of income that the Income Tax Act recognises. We take into account business expenses and income-related expenses as well as special expenses and other deductions, and determine the correct income tax together with any solidarity surcharge and church tax.

Income tax is a tax that only applies to income and, in some cases, to the development of assets. To the extent that tax planning and optimisation is possible, I will gladly help you.

With an expertly prepared income tax return, you will find out at the earliest possible point in time which tax payments are due to you.

Business tax returns

An especially important part of the corporate tax return is the “Uniform and Separate Declaration of Determination of Profits”, which presents the results of the partnership for each individual shareholder and notifies the respective residence tax office of the shares in the result A shareholder often incurs expenses for his investment, which he pays privately. These must be declared as special business expenses, so that they are not lost for tax purposes.

A corporation tax return must be prepared for “non-natural persons” such as a GmbH or AG.

. The basis for trade tax, which is a municipal tax, is the profit according to the Income Tax Act. In the trade tax return, the additions and deductions regulated by the Trade Tax Act are made to determine the so-called trade tax base amount. This amount is multiplied by the municipalities via the trade tax measurement amount valid there. In this way, trade tax is calculated.

The VAT declaration is also part of the company’s tax returns. Value Added Tax is levied on the supplies and services provided by a company in Germany against payments within the framework of the company. The annual declaration explains the sales generated in a calendar year.

Advice on tax audits

The tax office and the social insurance companies carry out audits. As an experienced specialist with many years of professional service, I know that these examinations are important.

I disagree if an examiner wishes to make unauthorized changes. I will see to it that the possibilities provided in the tax code are exploited to the full for you. I relieve you by providing my office for examinations.

You are not left alone with the examiner. And the time and effort you need for this is considerably reduced.

Financial accounting and payroll accounting.

My office provides you with high-quality financial and payroll accounting.

Financial accounting records income and expenses between the company and the outside world. This documents the changes in assets and liabilities.

Tax liabilities are then calculated on the basis of the results of financial accounting.

Together, we work out the distribution of tasks and define which tasks are to be carried out by the client and which are to be carried out by my office.

However, above all, financial accounting is the basis for your business evaluations. Payroll accounting is used to prepare payroll and salary statements for your employees and, at the same time, to prepare the necessary declarations and contribution statements, and to transmit data to the relevant departments.

International tax law

The world is moving closer together – more and more cross-border business has to be assessed in terms of tax laws.

Germany has finalised double taxation agreements – DTAs for short – with many countries in the world. These agreements are designed to avoid double taxation of the same income in different countries. Germany has negotiated separately with each of the countries where such an agreement exists.

This is the reason why many agreements are at first glance similar, but come to different details and therefore different solutions.

I will gladly help you to check the corresponding DTA(s) for your income from abroad and work out which country has the right of taxation, and which method should be used to avoid double taxation in your case.

Taxation of pensions

The Retirement Income Act, which has been in force since 2005, regulates the taxation of pensions. The legislature has divided pensions into two large groups: the group of statutory pensions and the group of private pensions.

The newly starting statutory pensions will be fully subject to income tax until 2040. The taxable portion of the new pension increases in annual steps of 1-2%.

The basis for determining the tax-exempt portion is always the starting year of the pension. The tax-exempt amount that was determined once is valid for the term of the pension.

The large group of private pensions are only taxed on the so-called income share. In individual cases, full taxation may also apply. In this case, it is necessary to examine exactly which model was used to build up the pension system. The tax assessment is supported by a certificate from the pension office defining the taxable parts of the pension.

Pension recipients who do not file an income tax return are increasingly being prosecuted as tax evaders.

Auch wenn Sie meinen, dass eine Einkommensteuererklärung für Sie gar nicht in Frage kommen kann, sollten Sie doch vorsorglich alle Belege (insbesondere Arzt- Apothekerkosten) aufbewahren, damit diese Aufwendungen steuerlich nicht verloren gehen.

Ich helfe Ihnen bei der Ermittlung des einkommensteuerpflichtigen Rententeils und errechne die fällige Einkommensteuer. Soweit eine Steuer von EUR 0,00 entsteht beantrage ich für Sie die Befreiung von der Abgabe der Einkommensteuererklärung.

Gemeinsam für Ihren Erfolg!


Die Steuerberaterin Petra Sabrowski wird unterstützt durch ein Team von serviceorientierten Mitarbeiterinnen, die bereits seit vielen Jahren im Bereich der Buchhaltung und des Steuerwesens tätig sind. Durch kontinuierliche Fort- und Weiterbildung hält sich unser Team steuerlich und technisch stets auf dem neuesten Stand.

Neben der fachlichen Qualifikation ist der persönliche, freundliche Umgang mit den Mandanten für uns selbstverständlich.

Der entscheidende Faktor für die Qualität unserer Arbeit ist ein gutes Arbeitsklima. Denn nur in einer von Wertschätzung und gegenseitigem Respekt geprägten Atmosphäre können wir für Sie die optimalsten Ergebnisse erzielen.

Petra Sabrowski

Petra Christine Sabrowski

Tax consultant

Im steuerberatenden Beruf bin ich schon gut 35 Jahre tätig. Als gelernte Steuerfachangestellte bin ich gestartet und habe mich zur Bilanzbuchhalterin weitergebildet. Dann kamen meine beiden Töchter – das war erst einmal wichtiger.

Dennoch blieb der Wunsch nach mehr. So habe ich im Herbst 2005 die Ausbildung zur Steuerberaterin begonnen.

Im Januar 2007 konnte ich den letzten Teil der Prüfungen in Hamburg erfolgreich ablegen. Seit dem 01. März 2007 habe ich meine eigene Steuerkanzlei eröffnet

Petra Sabrowski

Britta Blank


Steuerberatung team sabine juschus

Sabine Juschus


Steuerberaterin Petra Sarbowsk Team 3

Elena Sabrowski



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The “Tax jungle”

Stapeln sich bei Ihnen die unsortierten Belege und Rechnungen auf dem Schreibtisch? Bekommen Sie Herzklopfen beim Öffnen der Post vom Finanzamt?
Fühlen Sie sich eingeschüchtert von Begriffen wie “Einheitlich und gesonderte Gewinnfeststellungserklärung” oder “Digitale Betriebsprüfung”?

Existenzgründer GeesthachtWenn auch Sie, was die Steuern betrifft, von chronischer “Aufschieberitis” befallen sind, dann unterstütze ich Sie dabei, den inneren Schweinehund zu besiegen und endlich loszulegen. Lassen Sie sich von meiner Freude an der Arbeit anstecken. Schnell werden Sie merken, dass die vermeintlich unangenehmen Arbeiten gar nicht so unangenehm sind, dienen Sie doch einer mehr als guten Sache: Mehr Entspannung und Leichtigkeit in Ihren Arbeitsalltag zu integrieren.

Auch wenn wir das komplexeste Steuersystem der Welt haben, so kochen die Leute im Finanzamt ihren Kaffee mit demselben Wasser wie Sie.

Existenzgründer GeesthachtIch arbeite mit sehr viel Freude und Spaß an meinen Aufgaben und liebe es, mit vielen ganz unterschiedlichen Menschen arbeiten zu dürfen. Diese Fähigkeit führt dazu, dass sich meine Mandanten bei mir aufgehoben fühlen. Ich zeige Ihnen, dass Steuern auch Spaß machen können und die Ergebnisse meiner Arbeit nicht nur für das Finanzamt zu verwerten sind, sondern auch im Alltag Hilfestellungen geben.

Ich lade Sie herzlich ein, mich und mein Büro kennen zu lernen.


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